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A broken phone? Mi Phone Doctor of Dallas/Ft. Worth feels your pain. Today with phones costing so much and containing vital data we need at our fingertips, it is imperative that we get them repaired and back in your hands as quickly and cost efficiently as possible.

Cracked screens and LCD’s are the most common “ailments” we see with broken iPhones. We can repair these and any other problem you are having with your phone and have you up and running again in no time.

Retailers take at least 72 hours and charge more than 4 times what we do for the exact same service! In almost every case, we can fix your phone the exact same day you bring it in and in many cases, we can fix your phone within one hour! For those of you who are a bit “accident prone”, we also offer an irresistible insurance plan to accommodate your needs.

Bring us your cracked screens, failing software and broken buttons and we will bring your phone back to life!

iPhone 6's repaired by us in Fort Worth, TX

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